Most of this Minecraft video was spent figuring out how to find feathers in Minecraft. I’ll tell you how to find feathers in Minecraft.  One of the easiest, natural ways of finding feathers is just to pick up feathers left by blown up zombies from the night before. That was a nice surprise today. The other way, is by attacking ducks or chickens who give two feathers a piece. We call it a chicken on land and a duck in the water, but I think they’re the same thing. According to some YouTube videos, how to find feathers in Minecraft is by farming zombies in water since they can’t swim. Watching these videos are actually pretty sad to me, but it’s interesting to know what people are doing out there to get the supplies they need to survive in Minecraft. Interesting and .. sadistic.

Lan and I decided that we will be featuring other people’s Minecraft videos on Fridays, now, so that we can have a little more variety. I will work on finding the best Minecraft videos to share with you all. I already have some spectacular Minecraft videos in mind.

Like in all episodes, I die at least once, so I couldn’t end this one without dying. I gathered all the feathers I could in one day that were local, and when it got dark – I went zombie killing. You don’t get a lot of killing done when you are swording a zombie in front of you and a surprise zombie is eating your brains from behind. This made my killing spree very short, and I think a little unfair. Well, I was very hesitant in the beginning and looked around a lot for zombies, beckoning them. So I’ll take partial blame. Maybe I just need some armor to hold them off a little better while I kill them, cuz I’m just not doing it very well as is.

Thanks for watching!  - Bonny

Here is the short version: