In this Minecraft video, we lean how to mine diamonds and make an endless cobblestone factory with a tour from Tommy_dude, who is a big contributor on the Minecraft Show server.

We learned how to mine diamonds from Tommy who has a beautifully crafted mine and already knows the most effective way of how to mine diamonds. He gives a clear explanation of how to mine diamonds in the video, and basically he goes down to the bedrock, finds the bottom layer, and mines to reveal at least one side of every stone in layers 10-16. Tommy’s mine is one of the first things I remember seeing on our server. Of course there are many other awesome Minecraft players who have been building things on our server, and I can’t wait to do more tours and showcase other players work. Lots of interesting things there, and at some point, everyone needs to learn the right way of how to mine diamonds.

After the mine, we go to see that Tommy has built an endless cobblestone factory, and explains how it works. As long as lava and water are flowing into each other, and controlled like what he shows us, your have an endless cobblestone factory. It seems like it’s a nice thing to have if you would like to mine without having to leave your home, because whenever you mine the block of cobblestone, a new one immediately pops up. Never ending – as in endless cobblestone factory. It can also reduce the amount to cobblestone you have to mine from where you live if you need to build something large. I know there is a lot of cobblestone in Minecraft already, but you might not want to dig pits all over your land in order to build up. The endless cobblestone factory helps with that.

Also, Tommy shows us a cactus farm that Lt_DevilDog and he built. He says it was Lt_DevilDog’s idea of how to make the farm. It’s a great way to gather lots of cactus that can be used for protection when mobs are turned on.

I’m really excited about what is coming up on the server and our show. I know some players are planning different railways systems and Tommy has something really cool and secret up his sleeve, so stay in touch with us, and we’ll keep you updated on what’s happening.

And here is the screen shot that Tommy was talking about: