I tried to set up a Minecraft server the other day and had a lot of trouble… I looked all over in youtube for how to videos to set up a minecraft server but had a lot of trouble finding one. I really wanted to play a multiplayer minecraft game but didn’t have a server. I finally found the one that helped me!!! Caseywtw made a really good tutorial on how to set up a minecraft server in mac osx and he even has everything detailed out in the description, here is what we wrote:

Once you download the minecraft_server.jar file, create a new folder for it, and place the JAR file inside it.

Then open Terminal and cd into that directory, if you are not familiar with the command line or UNIX, you can simply type “cd ” (be sure to include a space after “cd”) and drag the folder onto the Terminal window and press return.

After that, you can then start your server, type: “java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar minecraft_server.jar nogui”

-Xms1024M is the minimum amount of RAM given to the server.

-Xmx1024M is the maximum amount of RAM given to the server.

After you press return, you should get a slew of information, a few about “Preparing the world,” maybe a few about “Exception … file not found” and such, you should also notice a group of files has been created.

Once finish you should be able to type “help” to get a list of commands. You can now connect to your server. If you are playing on the same computer type in :”″ as the IP address.

If you want to change the server IP, port, or change other parameters such as grow-trees or making the server public, shutdown the server first by typing “save-all” followed by “stop”.

After the sever shuts down, do not close the Terminal window, type “nano server.properties”.

Here you can edit all the parameters for the server, look up the rest in the Minepedia (search for minepedia server parameters).

When you are done, press control+O (not zero) and press return to save, now press control+x to exit.

Press up again until you find the command you typed earlier to start the server (if you cannot, retype it), press return.

Here is the link to download the mineraft_server.jar file