Lan teaches me how to spleef, and we show part of the Minecraft server that Lan set up for fans of the show.

Part way during the server tour, we come upon a nice spleef arena built by one of the players. Lan decides to show me how to Spleef. He demonstrates that two players at a time stand on a wool platform and dig one hole at a time, and the first player to fall through a hole loses and then gathers the wool to rebuild the Spleefing platform. There are probably other variations of the game, but that’s how Lan teaches me how to Spleef. If you know other ways of how to spleef let me know in the comments below, and when we have a Spleef event we can try a suggestion.

The name of the Minecraft Show server is: if you would like to log on and have a look for yourself. We could not be happier with all of the people helping and just being great game citizens. People are helping each other and building enormous and just plain cool stuff. There is a really nice hotel, a beautiful spawn point, and a Viking town. That doesn’t even touch the surface, though. Many people have been building streets, really long streets. I am happy with all of the stairs, because that just makes getting around faster. Right now that’s one of the most frustrating things for me is trying to get places faster since there’s no option for running really fast. I’m really excited to see the railway system being built. Hopefully it reaches all the towns soon so people can easily see what’s being done and get to know each other.

If you have built something on our or another server that you’d like us to see on the show, let me know either on twitter or in the comments here. I don’t spy on people so I’m sure I haven’t seen everything cool yet. :)

Thanks for watching!


PS. Check out our friends Sam Proof and Amanda!