In this video, Lan and I have the privilege of having two awesome guests on our show, AND it was being live streamed. Sitting next to me is Matthew Arevalo, who is a knowledgeable admin on a wonderful Multiplayer server. The other guest is the famous pink haired player, Minecraft Chick, who has a really fun show of her own. We have so much fun that we often forget we’re making a show and we just play the game.

Matthew Arevalo is a great help. He first teaches me how to set up a texture pack, which I find out is a little more difficult to do on a Mac. A texture pack enhances the way the world looks. It’s why you paint your wall a different color, or upgrade from a polyester to a silk tie. All the same stuff is there, it just looks different, and in Minecraft, usually a little more realistic. Just a little, though, everything is still square. We choose the Painterly Pack and install it. We notice a handful of the enhancements it makes as we are playing the game. One is that chickens in Painterly are ducks, detailed mallards to be more precise. That’s nice, because they are often found swimming, and I don’t know of any real life chickens that swim. We see a lot of gorgeous things that the players have built already, ride a roller coaster made by a player named Severet, and then a bunch of players come over to help build a bunch of houses and cool things on a plot of uninhabited land that Matthew picks out and then teleports us to. It’s nice to play on well kept multiplayer servers, especially this one where there are so many lights around, that the threat of being eaten is pretty low even at night.

Here are some screen shots from the video: