I found DIAMONDS! As I am writing this I am so excited. Today, Lan and I had our first Multiplayer session on his server, and I found diamonds. I know they may not sound like a big thing if you’ve played Minecraft for say, a day, but I’m such a vulnerable noob. It just feels nice. :)

Multiplayer helped us to play as a team, which I really needed, as we played in Normal Mode. In Normal Mode, you can be killed if you don’t defend yourself, and I usually die pretty easily. I found the diamonds in Lan’s cave dwelling that he dug out before we started recording. Diamonds need certain tools to be mined, so as a team, we were able to find the materials needed to make the tool to mine them. After they were mined, we still faced a lot of risk, even when putting them into a chest. And EVEN if there is a door on the dwelling, AND it’s closed, an exploding zombie can blow up near the dwelling, caving it in, sometimes blowing up your chest, and you lose everything inside. Well, that’s what happened to us, luckily, before we mined the diamonds. It must have had to do with what our cave dwelling was made of. It just blasted to pieces.

I have to say, I really did enjoy playing in multiplayer with Lan. We mined together, shared tools, and collected diamonds! Now it is more fun, in my opinion, to play in Normal Mode as opposed to Peaceful Mode, which I tried out for a few hours today. It’s nice to just mine with no disturbances and improve on things, but it may be more interesting to play when there’s a good chance you might DIE! Let me know what you prefer.

Thanks for watching!