In this show, Lan and I swim around a desert Minecraft island world in search for coal to make torches for the night.  We ended up finding coal in a desert home dwelling we dug pretty quickly. Searching for coal, we also found a new thing – desert clay.  Hopefully, we can save that and make bricks in another Minecraft Show video.  We learned not to dig gravel from above, as it falls down on you, and can crush your Minecraft character. In the next video, I will practice my defense and killing skills.   If anyone knows how to build a periscope, I’d like to know.  I hope to use one in the next video if some sort of ravenous monster hangs outside my cave somewhere trying to kill me upon exiting.  We didn’t end the video by dying this time, so that’s a good thing, and Lan has promised to disclose what his natural hair colors are in a later video this week!