This Minecraft video is a short intro into the world of Minecraft with our friend, Angela Sauceda. We introduce the game to her, showing her how to swim (since there are mostly islands so far in this world), and of course, how to get killed. Our miner survives a flood in the cave, so that’s good. Using a sword, we also successfully kill a duck and what I believe to have been two zombies. This is a short intro video, compared to the others so far, because Angela is not a gamer and was really over to have dinner with us. After filming this episode  (not shown in this video) we went downstairs where I rolled homemade pasta and angela made a nice bolognese sauce(da). Here’s the pasta roller I use: It was tasty and we had seconds, and I had fourths or fifths. So full!

In future videos of course, I will still need to focus on my defense and killing techniques. Let me know if you have any killing tips as I am very new to this type of game. In this quick intro video, something came up from behind and blew up, killing me, even while I was in the water. Also, still looking to find a periscope recipe. Please let me know if you know of one, or something like that. I don’t want to get stuck in my cave again, trying to think of a way to see outside the exit before I just run out and have something kill me.  A periscope would be perfect for this. I think it will help me move from these quick intro Minecraft videos on how to get killed, to actually establishing a home to live and prosper for at least one Minecraft week. That’d be the day.


The short version of Minecraft Show Episode 4