In this Minecraft show, Lan plays with stairs, pumpkins and a hamster. Stairs are not something I have ever made successfully, and I haven’t come across a pumpkin yet. He is both naturally skilled and lucky. Like always we had started off the show by me playing, but I myself did not dig any stairs. I got lost in the dark within my own dug out tunnel. Lan eventually took over the game, and dug down into a stone and stair pit. We are supposed to be helping each other, but there is an obvious lack of listening going on. :p Anyway, his stairs looked really great, as well as his straight-line mining technique. I always just dig where and whatever, Lan dig’s a straight line. I should do this, too, as it probably helps to avoid getting lost, and can eventually lead to speedways in mountains for traveling faster across the Minecraft world. We’re both learning. In this video, Lan became lucky and found some pumpkins! Later we found that the pumpkins were useless except for obscuring our vision of the Minecraft world. I thought the pumpkins might be used for food, but haven’t been able to test it. If I ever get to a place where we are cooking things, I’ll teach Lan to cook pumpkin, since he knows where the pumpkins are. Hopsie the hamster made her debut on my shoulder in this video, and then jumped out of the scene. I think I will try and train her to sit on my shoulder during Minecraft Show. We’ll have to see if that’s even interesting.

In the previous episode I had been drinking orange juice from a tea cup. Lan had nothing. Let me know if you have a guess at what strange white substance I was drinking today, or what strange clear substance Lan was drinking. You can email me at or message me on my twitter handle: MinecraftShow. I will reply.

Thanks for watching!


Minecraft Show Episode 5 Short Version