The best Minecraft videos that we find will be discussed from now on every Friday. Lan and I will be watching what we think are the best Minecraft videos and discussing them on a segment called ‘This Week in Minecraft’. If you know of any of the best Minecraft videos that we should discuss and show, tell us! Other than that, I will be showing you the weird, the great, and the unexpected. If you’ve never played Minecraft, Friday’s videos will show you the interesting culture that is being created in this new game. If you do play, we’ll give you insight into some interesting things that other players do that you might like to try.

First, one of the most mindblowing things I had seen was kiershar’s Animal Farm. Unless you’ve already made one of these, you have to watch it to understand how weird it is. He uses low-dug streams of water that he places all over the land to catch anything that moves. The animals float, sometimes for a long time, to his “machine room” where they are slaughtered and harvested for their uses. I think it’s wildly unorthodox and creepy, but I’m glad I know it exists. Then we watch a cute, very young boy named Brady play Minecraft, and lastly, discuss why hundreds of people on YouTube disliked a diamond mine video. And those, in our opinion, are some of the best Minecraft videos right now.

Sunday, we will be livestreaming Minecraft Show as soon as Notch releases BETA!! That will be right on the front page of our website, Then, Monday, December 20th at 1pm PST we will be livestreaming again for a few hours of Beta play with Minecraft Chic, which again will be playing live on the front page of MinecraftShow. Check that out if you’d like someone to chat with while trying out the new Beta.