In this video spider0804 from youtube show us his completed Corellian Corvette that took only 2 days to complete. The Corellian Corvette is a real 1 to 1 (1:1) replica, which means it is to scale and is the actual size of the ship in real life… well in real Star Wars!

The Corellian Corvette video in Minecraft shows various views from the outside and a complete tour of the entire inside of the ship. It is an amazing big completed project for spider0804.

In the video he encourages others to also make big projects, but it seems like many get started and never finished. I’m very happy for spider0804 for completing this project and think he did a fantastic job.

I also found som other Corellian Corvette replica projects out there… We all love building in Minecraft, but what about analog Minecraft? You know Legos!!! Here is a Corellian Corvette massive Lego project that I think is very interesting.