Today, Notch announced Minecraft cake and Minecraftchick featured us on her show. Thanks Minecraft Chick! I’m so excited that we’ll be able to make cake in Minecraft with you!

Soooo, we will be hosting, and livestreaming a cake feast on Thursday, January 13th with Minecraftchick on Minecraft at 6pm PST!! Just go to to watch. Notch has added cake, and from what I understand, we should be able to craft it on Thursday. Yay! I know there are plenty of bamboo reeds, which will now be considered sugar cane, plenty of cows to milk, and has anyone out there dealt with wheat before? I haven’t yet. :p Notch left us the Minecraft cake recipe on his twitter stream. 3 milk + 3 sugar cane + 3 wheat.

We’ll change spawn on Thursday to the party location, so anyone who logs into the server (or is able to login) during or shortly after the party will automatically be there. I’m so excited thinking about it. I wonder how much Minecraft cake we can eat? Hope it doesn’t make us sick or add blocks to our skins.

The Minecraft cake looks like chocolate cake with white frosting, maybe cherries on top? Let me know what kind you think it is.

Anyway, see you on the server, our twitter, or at the feast on Thursday at 6pm PST!

Take care!