This week’s video covers the best Minecraft videos I found this week. They are very short and sweet. We also go over some important Minecraft news involving our friend Minecraft Chick and her new Ning social network site. There’s some news about the Minecraft Show multiplayer server as well.

The first video was actually submitted to us, and I believe it is the best Minecraft video ever submitted to us. It is the Minecraft Show Server New Year’s celebration video made by Lt_DevilDog and Tommy_Dude. They actually made a giant tower of popping reeds. It was really, really tall. From what I understand, when you cut the bottoms of the reeds off, they pop all the way to the top. So that was the Minecraft firecrackers we had. I am very appreciative that our players were there on the server on New Year’s Eve with us. I had a good time dancing, landscaping red flowers, and killing mobs with the players. Thanks for that. :)

The next video is just a really awesome Minecraft dance video, with diamonds! It’s very short and to the point. When you’re mining, and you happen upon a diamond room, you gotta dance, and will inadvertently look very cool while doing it. This is my favorite, and the the best Minecraft dance video. The reason it’s the best Minecraft dance video is that it is short, and you can get back to playing Minecraft real quick. The music is pretty exciting, too.

Lastly, my favorite, and I think this is the best Minecraft video because it is the funniest Minecraft video. It makes me giggle, and so very happy. It’s a very short glimpse of how very sad a Creeper will get when you catch him in a minecart. Oh gosh! It’s the funniest Minecraft video ever!

Be sure to check out the Minecraft Chick Ning site. This is a place you can chat with other Minecraft players, as well as post your videos, links, and pictures of all the Minecraft stuff you want to share with other people who like Minecraft.

Thank you to all the people who have contributed on the Minecraft Show server. You are all very nice and creative people. There is some really cool stuff, and nice people there to play with if you haven’t checked that out yet.

Thanks for watching!