The best videos this week in Minecraft, in our opinion, and we have a lot of catching up to do, are featured in This Week in Minecraft. Lan did some searching, and I did some searching and we found up with 4 awesome Minecraft videos.

The first awesome Minecraft video is the one Lan found by XBoxAhoy. He’s been making some really great educational tutorials, and all the commentary is fantastic. He goes into the history of mankind, and a whole bunch of other good stuff all while mining through his world. His voice is great, too.

Then we show a few videos of Minecraft + Keyboard Cat. These made me very happy as anything featuring Keyboard Cat is immediately enhanced for the good. Thank you to avetimoon for the great song and video you put together for Lan and I to dance to. I wish that everytime a creeper blew me up in my own house that I could be played off by Keyboard Cat. Maybe there’s a texture pack for that.. Anywho, the awesome Minecraft video right after that was one by MCChadTheDJ, who does awesome reviews of Minecraft servers. The iMine server from this particular video was very beautiful and fun looking, AND has a Keyboard Cat mural [enhance].

My new favorite Minecraft music video is HojjoshMC’s Love the Way You Mine. The lyrics are so cute! I love the drama and the way the miner’s argue and fight and interact. It’s very well shot, too. I lolled the whole song long.

Please let us know what your favorite and awesome Minecraft videos are. We are always looking to put the best Minecraft videos and most interesting Minecraft videos on our show. If you stumble upon something awesome, we’d love to see it.