This is such exciting news!!! Well two things… First… we are back!!! We will be shooting episodes at least once a week now!!! Second, beta 1.4 with wolves just came out today!!!

Minecraft Beta 1.4 videos are coming out on YouTube now and we have had a chance to watch a couple of them. Here is a list of our favorite cool things that came out in the new 1.4 beta in Minecraft:

Tameable wolves
Sleeping in a bed now resets your spawn position (sometimes)
New Minecraft logo with a creeper!

Since we have been gone for about 3 months… please leave us a comment letting us know all of your favorite videos that have come out in the last 3 months so we can review them and let us know about all the cool changes that have happened in Minecraft!

Thank you to all the people who have been keeping us updated on Minecraft info and saying “Hi” on twitter! Bonny loves tweets.

If you want to watch the videos we featured in this episode you can watch them on the This Week in Minecraft 3-31-2011 YouTube playlist we created. We included videos from MinecraftChick, JonathanWolfe038 and paulsoaresjr in this episode.

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